Under Review: Ruggles Green


Emily Sherron

The Veggie Tacos at Ruggles Green (shown) feature a black bean spread with grilled Portobello mushrooms, garlic cilantro sauce, corn salsa, shredded carrots, fresh avocado slices and queso fresco with a side of house-made habanero hot sauce.

Emily Sherron, Staff Writer

If living a healthier lifestyle is on your New Year’s resolutions list, Ruggles Green is the place to go. Whether your approach is going vegetarian, vegan, organic or just adding a few more vegetables to your plate, the possibilities are endless with this menu.

The menu is full of healthy choices, yet not every dish is low in calories — especially not the decadent desserts. The mission of Ruggles Green is to serve environmentally friendly food with homegrown, vitamin-rich ingredients.

The menu has commonplace foods prepared organically like the All-Natural Beef Burger, a dairy-free option served on a whole-wheat bun.

Many dishes cater to customers with special dietary needs such as vegans, vegetarians and those suffering from lactose and gluten intolerance. The Blackened Shrimp Salad, which has fresh fruit, pistachios and a garlic-hemp poppy seed dressing, is gluten-free and dairy-free.

My favorite dishes on the menu are the unique variations of ordinary dishes like the Quinoa Mac ‘n Cheese and the High Protein Hempenadas (not a typo). Chefs replace wheat grain with quinoa in many of their pastas and make empanadas with high-protein hemp flour instead of wheat flour — two delicious gluten free options.

Although Ruggles Green is known for being healthy, the attention to taste cannot be understated. The Ruggles Green burger stands up to those from my favorite burger joints, and I prefer the pizzas to even Star Pizza or Pink’s.

This restaurant teems with customers, but do not despair. The service is fast, and ordering to-go is always an option. With some of the most innovative recipes in town, Ruggles Green excels at providing delicious food that won’t wreck any New Years resolutions.

Directions and Info
2311 W. Alabama
Houston, Texas 77098
(713) 522-1934

11 a.m. to 10 p.m.