All you need to do is pour a box of “fake” bugs onto your friend and watch them squeal and turn pale.
All you need to do is pour a box of “fake” bugs onto your friend and watch them squeal and turn pale.
Emily Yen

The Review’s Top 9 April Fools’ Pranks

Have you ever realized how April Fools’ Day is the best way to get payback on your classmates? This is the perfect guide to finally give your friends a taste of their own medicine.


1. Locking your classmate out

If your classmates always spend 30-minute breaks at the beginning of each class, this would be a great way to teach them a lesson. The moment your classmates leave the class, turn off the lights, lock the door and get out of the spectrum of view the windows offer. To make this prank even better, cover up the windows, and leave a sign that says “field trip to another classroom.”

2. “Fake” pop quiz

If your friends are always stressing over tests and their grades, this is a great way to see their facial expression when they walk into the room. All you need to do is place a blank sheet of paper on every desk and get the rest of the class to act very seriously. Watching your friend’s obscure facial expression as they find out that there is a “fake” pop quiz is worth every second of waiting.

3. Water bucket at top of the door

If your friend was born in Arizona, then this is a great prank to ease them into the spring showers in Houston. When your friend leaves the classroom, crack the door open. Carefully balance a bucket loaded with water on top of the door. Just be careful not to fall down and splash the water onto yourself. Just wait for your friend to come back from their errand and watch the reaction as they find themself drenched.

4. “Fake” broken monitor screen

If you have a grudge against your teacher, then this prank is great to pull off when your teacher leaves the room. When the teacher leaves, sneak onto their computer and pull up a picture of a broken screen. Bring an item that can break TVs and plant the evidence into the classroom. Now wait patiently for your teacher to walk in and watch their reaction as they witness the broken screen. Make sure to yell out “April Fools” so the teacher doesn’t start handing out detentions.

The reaction is worth the risk of losing your friendship. Graphic by George from RawPixel, used with permission.

5. “Fake” cockroaches/ Bugs

If your friends are frightened by little critters, then this is a great prank to witness them have a panic attack in school. All you need to do is pour a box of “fake” bugs onto your friend and watch them squeal and turn pale. To make this prank even better, during lunch when your friends are not around, you can put some of the “fake” bugs onto their food.

6. Chocolate-covered onions on a stick 

If vegetables petrify your friends, then this is a great way to finally have them face their fear. At home, melt some chocolate, stab an onion, carrot, or other vegetables with a popsicle stick, and dip it into the chocolate soup. You can add any extra surprises like beef chunks or minced garlic into the onion pop. Finally top the onion pop with sprinkles to make it more appealing to your friends and classmates. Pack the onion pops into an official looking container and bring it to school. Now watch your classmates’ reactions as they encounter the hidden surprises of beef and onions disguised by chocolate.

7. “Fake” throw up on a car

If you grew up like me pouring over the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, you would remember when Rodrick spent his night lurking around the parking lot and placing “fake” throw up onto the hoods of stranger’s cars. This prank is a great prank to pull off on your friends that loves their car more than anything else in life. After school, rush to the parking lot, and place the gooey looking piece of rubber onto the car. Then hide behind some bushes and record your friend’s shock when they find their car covered with “fake” throw up. Later you can use the recording and blackmail your friend.

8. “Fake” broken windshield

If you catch your classmates driving recklessly and causing car accidents, this is a great way for them to have a taste of their own medicine. Over the weekend before April Fools’ Day, pop on Amazon, and buy or build a sticker. During free carrier or lunch, dip from class with the excuse of going to the bathroom, and bolt to the parking lots. Place the stickers on the windshields, and make sure not to break the actual windshield. If you do break the windshield, do not get caught. The moment school ends, bolt out to the lot, and watch your classmates’ reaction as they curse to find their windshield shatter.

9. Imitating your friends

One of the most iconic pranks in The Office is when Jim Halpert pulled up to the Scranton Branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. dressed up as Dwight Schrute. You can do this too by pulling up to school in the same outfit as your friend, including the glasses and hair style. During class behave as the person you dressed up as, and slowly watch your friend become more annoyed by the second. Make sure to yell “April Fools!” 

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