Volleyball teams adjust to COVID-19 guidelines


Mia Hong

The boys’ volleyball team stretches underneath “Big Red,” the outdoor basketball court.

Leo Morales and Cameron Ederle

In Phase II of the athletics reopening plan, administrators allowed the volleyball teams to practice in the gym at limited capacity. In addition to wearing masks and practicing social distancing, players must sanitize their hands during breaks and cannot use water fountains or locker rooms. Before and after practices, players and coaches sanitize each ball used.

In the case of an injury, COVID-19 regulations allow players to receive medical attention.

“The safety of our players is always the number one priority,” boys’ head coach Charles Hulett said.

Junior Beth Ann Dominey is concerned that the team will not be fully competition-ready by the time games are scheduled to be played in early October.

“We’re behind compared to so many other teams in our league,” Dominey said. “Other teams have been practicing and playing together for a month longer than we have.”

Starting the week of Sept. 28, the team will begin preseason and hold tryouts.

Hulett empathizes with the senior athletes in their last year during the pandemic.

“I wish things could have been different,” he said. “I feel sorry for the seniors who have been working so hard to get to this point.”

For Hulett, looking at the situation from a positive angle is important to continue moving forward.

“We’re working with what we’ve got and doing the best we can,” Hulett said.