Volleyball game sparks spirit across sports teams

SJ Lasley, Assignments Editor

As sophomore libero Nova Manning aced the opposing team, the football and boys’ volleyball players erupted into cheers, celebrating the girls’ volleyball team.

On Sept. 20, the Mavericks fans took their merrymaking to a new level. Initially starting with the usual standing ovation and hollers, the boys increased the intensity and creativity further throughout the match. The girls held a strong 17-point lead above Incarnate Word for most of the first set, and the fans adjusted their cheers to match the heightened play.

“Creating new cheers is just spontaneous,” football player Will Leger said. “We’re constantly scheming for new ideas.”

The fans began to drum and beat on the bleachers during Incarnate Word’s services and would go the extreme to celebrate Maverick points. It began with the benched volleyballers cheering “Ahh, Ace! Reload!” after an ace, which the guys soon picked up. The student section was on their feet by the end of the first set, which the Mavericks won 25-10. To kick off the second set, the boys huddled together and chanted for the Mavericks in true football spirit. Later in the game, the fans celebrated a service change by sitting on the floor and rowing an imaginary boat in rhythm with their hollering.

“Having them come out and really be invested in the game means a lot,” setter Allison Biegel said. “It really hypes us all up and makes us feel supported. It always makes the games way more entertaining.”

The Mavericks won the game in three sets, and the student section went home satisfied.

“If you’re ever on the fence about going to a volleyball game, do it. One hundred percent,” Leger said. “It’s a really fun, hype experience.”