Club fair provides welcome extracurricular break

Ella West, Staff Writer

Browsing the large selection of tables was a welcomed break from the stresses of a busy day.  The clubs themselves offered exciting subjects that were not only fun but also provocative, such as the new women’s group on campus: Women’s Organization for Knowledgeable Engagement.

By far the most visually-impressive display belonged, appropriately, to Art Club. Colorful and eye-catching, it tempted even non-artists like me to join. Morgan Self, a senior and one of the leaders of the group, said that Art Club is trying to keep things new and interesting, and she is excited for what they have in store this year. It was exciting to learn that they are creating an online publication on a website separate from the School’s. They will also be having workshops this year. Perhaps I may have to acquiesce and give art a try!

Another club sure to provide fun is the Camp Games Club, led by seniors Jonah Pesikoff and Aidan Propst. During meetings, the club members will play popular childhood games like Mafia, Big Booty and other fun games you might remember from your camp days.

I think the clubs are a daily exemption from the trials and work of school and a chance for me to show another side of myself off the sports field and out of the classroom. The clubs give me a chance to chill down and meet people who share common interests.

Assistant Dean of Students Danielle Iseli summed up the purpose of such groups perfectly when she said, “Many clubs are really fun, a great destresser and a fabulous way to get to know new people.”