The official student newspaper of St. John's School.

The Review

The official student newspaper of St. John's School.

The Review

The official student newspaper of St. John's School.

The Review

Anderson, who grew up in a family of teachers, knew she wanted to pursue a career in education.

Class Act: Academic Support Coordinator Angela Anderson

Hamzah Mir and Ethan Kinsella October 23, 2018
After teaching at public schools and colleges, Angela Anderson came to St. John's as the new Upper School Academic Support Coordinator.
Estes experience at Xavier Academy greatly influenced her teaching style.

Class Act: Biology and chemistry teacher Emily Estes

Indrani Maitra, Staff Writer October 9, 2018
Get to know new biology and chemistry teacher Emily Estes.
Garvin Gaston (99) started working at St. Johns this year as an Algebra II and Geometry teacher after most recently working at an African safari.

Class Act: Math teacher Garvin Gaston

Leila Pulaski, Staff Writer February 14, 2018
Get to know new math teacher Garvin Gaston.
Max Boyd joined the St. Johns English department this year.

Class Act: English teacher Max Boyd

Katina Christensen and Jackson Humphries October 5, 2017
Get to know new English teacher Max Boyd.
Despite living halfway across the world, Dr. Stapletons passion throughout life has been English. (Reygan Jones)

Class act: English teacher Kristiane Stapleton

Eli Maierson, Staff Writer September 30, 2016
New English teacher Kristiane Stapleton first discovered her love of reading during her television-free childhood in Indonesia.
New Spanish teacher Margarita Serrano waits for her next class.

Class act: Spanish teacher Margarita Serrano

Sophia Lima, Staff Writer September 28, 2016
New Spanish teacher Margarita Serrano discovered her passion giving tours to student groups at the governor's house in Puerto Rico.
Math teacher Danielle became a teacher after a venture into business.

Class act: Math teacher Danielle Iseli

Sophia Li, Staff Writer September 9, 2014
Danielle Iseli became a math teacher after running a snack food business and considering a career in science.
Physics teacher Nolan Harris transferred from the United States Military Academy at West Point to Rice University, where he eventually earned a PhD in biophysics.

Class act: Physics teacher Nolan Harris

Michael VerMeulen, Staff Writer September 2, 2014
In our new series "Class act," we introduce new teachers and their backgrounds. Get to know physics teacher Nolan Harris.
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The official student newspaper of St. John's School.
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