Class Act: Academic Support Coordinator Angela Anderson


Claire Seinsheimer

Anderson, who grew up in a family of teachers, knew she wanted to pursue a career in education.

Hamzah Mir and Ethan Kinsella

Born into a family of educators and engineers, Upper School Academic Support Coordinator Angela Anderson knew she had to continue her family’s tradition.

“I don’t know if it’s something about the E,” Anderson said, referring to her engineer/educator family, “but my mother, stepmother, grandparents and even cousins were educators.”

Anderson attended private school in Detroit, and after finishing college at Michigan State, she began teaching at different public schools and colleges. Although she loved educating, Anderson did not feel as strong of a connection with the students she taught in public schools.

“I always wanted to go back to private school to teach because all my previous teaching experiences have been in public or state schools,” Anderson said. “I was always interested in coming back to a space with students similar to me growing up.”

Anderson’s role at St. John’s does not strictly involve teaching, but as the main overseer of all exams in the Upper School, Anderson plays an important part in St. John’s academics.

“Basically what I do is I oversee all testing at the school, including the PSAT and AP exams,” Anderson said. “I work with students who need additional time for those exams.”

Anderson said she has been very impressed by how welcoming the St. John’s community is as a whole when compared with previous workplaces.

“I was a little nervous when I first came here because I’m new and a lot a people here have been here for a while,” Anderson said. “In my previous jobs, most people I worked with were relatively new to the school.”

When Anderson isn’t overseeing important academic tests or getting extra exam time for students in need, she spends her free time on a vast array of hobbies.

“I love to roller skate, even though I’m an ‘older person,’” Anderson said, laughing. “I also love working with my hands, cooking, building things and making body butters and scrubs.”

When it comes to her career, Anderson values her work with the many students she has helped throughout her lifetime.

“I have made it through some tough situations and made a difference in many young students’ lives, and that’s what’s really notable to me,” Anderson said.

Students can attest to Anderson’s commitment towards bettering students’ academic experiences.

Ms. Anderson brings energy and enthusiasm into our conversations,” Brady Puckett, one of Anderson’s freshman advisees, said. “She always makes us feel comfortable expressing ourselves.”