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New Spanish teacher Margarita Serrano waits for her next class.

Eric Hang

New Spanish teacher Margarita Serrano waits for her next class.

Class act: Spanish teacher Margarita Serrano

Before her teaching job took her across Central America and to parts of the United States, Edma Margarita Serrano worked as a tour guide at the governor’s house in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

While that job was not her dream position, Serrano noticed how much she enjoyed giving tours to students on field trips. She loved being around kids. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in social science and a masters in education from the University of Puerto Rico, Serrano changed paths and took a job teaching high school history.

Eight schools later, Serrano is teaching Spanish I and Spanish II at St. John’s.

“Teaching is my calling. It’s what I like to do and what I enjoy,” Serrano said.

At age 24, Serrano left Puerto Rico and moved to the Dominican Republic, where she taught history and Spanish for four years. She then moved to Rochester, New York, to teach Spanish and Latin for two years before moving to Miami, Florida, where she taught Latin in the summer and Spanish year round.

“I cannot pick a favorite place where I taught. Going to all those places brought different experiences and made me the teacher I am today,” Serrano said.

Serrano moved to Houston ten years ago. During her time at Carl Wunsche High School, The Woodlands Preparatory, and Tomball Junior High, she has taught all levels of Spanish, from Spanish I to Spanish IV.  

“I love teaching Spanish because I get to share a lot of culture and geography along with teaching the language,” Serrano said.

Students notice Serrano’s strong passion for teaching. She creates an easy-going and welcoming environment for anyone in her classroom.

“I love the vibrant and positive energy Ms. Serrano brings to the classroom by telling us engaging stories about all of her experiences,” freshman Mary Kempner said.



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  • C

    Claudia LaraOct 1, 2016 at 10:22 PM

    It has been 4 years since you left, and I still miss you at Wunsche!! I’m so happy you have found a school that you can call a second home. Bendiciones!! 🙂

  • N

    Norma LazcanoSep 30, 2016 at 12:51 AM

    Muchidimas felicidades. Que Dios te siga llenando de éxito y amor toda tu vida.

  • J

    Jacqueline TorresSep 29, 2016 at 8:45 PM

    Ms. Serrano and I went to middle and high school together here in Puerto Rico. Every time she comes home to visit she always makes a point to make time to see her friends, and we always make sure we get to see her. Ms. Serrano the teacher is just as passionate as Margarita our friend. This person is genuine and humble, very much loved by all who meet her, because she is a superb human being.

    She has always been characterized by her loyalty, her listening ear, her passion for life, and making you feel important. As a lifelong friend, I am grateful for knowing her, and I feel proud to know this is the way she is view, for it is the exact way that she is.

    She loves her students and she loves what she does. Take advantage of having her as your teacher, this is one of the best human beings you will ever know.

  • T

    Tangala MorrisSep 29, 2016 at 8:03 PM

    Thank you for the Featured Showcase of Margarita Serrano. I truly love her spirit! We worked together at Tomball Junior High and while working together I had the pleasure to see her gifts passed on to her students. Her passion for teaching Spanish I and II will be a memorable and useful subject to all students. Keep doing what you’re doing Ms. Serrano!
    Best Wishes,
    Mrs. Morris

  • S

    Sandra MoraSep 29, 2016 at 6:48 PM

    I met Edma Margarita in Kindergarten… changed schools, and found each other again. You guys are very lucky to have her as your teacher! Hoping you enjoy this year with her. She is awesome!