Top 10 reasons to still care about soccer

Brooke Kushwaha, Assignment Editor

1. The entire rest of the world cares about soccer. It’s about time we make amends for skipping the metric system.

2. We actually have a good team. Dempsey, Bradley, Jones, and Howard can hold their own against Premier League superstars like Ronaldo and Messi on the world stage.

3. Soccer players are serious eye candy.

4. We get an excuse to put paint on our bodies and act even more obnoxious at sporting events. We could even start an occasional riot!

5. FIFA’s decision to have Brazil host, along with the success of teams like Costa Rica and Argentina in the tournament, shows that soccer’s center focus has shifted to the New World. It’s time the U.S. followed suit.

6. Instead of becoming bandwagon fans every four years, why not continue the excitement for Major League Soccer year-round?

7. Houston’s new women’s soccer team, the Dash, is an example of the emerging presence of soccer, as well as women’s sports, in the American sports landscape. By supporting the Dash, you make waves for soccer, women and Houston.

8. There aren’t many occasions to yell, “GOOOOOOOOAL!” with impunity.

9. The United States is a big, populated country. If even a fraction of the concentration of high school and college-level football went to soccer, we’d sweep the World Cup. (At least America still has the Super Bowl on lock).

10. The better we get, the sooner we can stick it right back to Belgium and show the rest of the world how freedom tastes.