Faces in the Cloisters: Christina McGee


Kelly Buckner

Freshman Christina McGee dances 15 to 20 hours a week. McGee balances her schoolwork and dance through careful planning.

Amy Liu, Staff Writer

Christina McGee, the only freshman in Terpsichore, first twirled in her ballet slippers when she was only five.

She had first been reluctant to learn dancing, only continuing lessons because her mom had forced her.

“Our mom signed us up for auditions, although we really didn’t want to go,” Christina said.

Nevertheless, Christina soon developed a deep passion for different dance styles including ballet, jazz, modern and, hip hop.

“We learn a variety of dance types, but ballet is my favorite,” McGee said.

Dancing seems to run in the McGee family. Christina joins her sister Eleni, a junior, in Terpsichore.

“My sister has done what I’m doing now, so I look to her as an example,” Christina said.

In addition to Terpsichore practice on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, Christina dances for two to three hours on weekdays and five hours on Saturdays at Houston Ballet Academy.

With so much time dedicated to dancing, one can only wonder how she balances her dance hours with school.

“It’s very stressful, but it can be done with planning,” McGee said. “After all, my sister went through it as well.”

Along with dancing technique, Christina has also developed character strength through her years of experience.

“Dance has taught me that it takes time and effort to get something right, and believe me, I still have so many things to get right,” Christina said. “I’ve learned how important it is to be patient with myself. Improvement is a long process.”