Maverick Magic dazzles audience


Irene Vazquez

Second grade student Leena Hanson performs a sonnetina on the piano. Maverick Magic hosted performers from kindergarten to Upper School.

Irene Vazquez, Staff Writer

The bright lights of the Lowe Theater shown down on students and alumni of all age, Jan. 25, for Maverick Magic, the annual SJS talent show.

Performers ranged from bands, like that of sixth grade students Scotty Malcolm, Jackson Heijmen and Thomas Grannen to hula-hooping second grade students Sloan Brinker and Gabriella Saadia. Masters of ceremonies for the evening were seniors Kasey French and Justin Bernard, whose pun-happy banter added some lighthearted fun to the event .

“Hosting Maverick Magic was a blast,” Bernard said. “While it was a little stressful having to write a script on such a time crunch, all in all it was really worthwhile. Making people laugh is nice.”

Pianists such as fifth grade students Leena Hanson and senior Helene Snyder performed pieces by classical composers like Claude Debussy. Third grader Mark Helwig performed a rendition of “What Does the Fox Say” clothed in a fox costume.

Brothers Brantley and Carlton Payne performed tricks on pogo sticks in front of an awe-struck crowd.

Two father-daughter duos, second grade student Eleanor Dow and her father Stuart (‘84) as well as fifth grade student Maggie Winston and her father Lee (‘96) performed Elton John’s “Your Song.”