Top ten tips for freshmen year


Caroline Ramirez

Freshmen face off against sophomores in tug-of-war during the Second Baptist pep rally.

Sophia Kontos, Online Section Editor

  1. Do not block the middle of freshmen hallway. Upperclassmen have methods for getting you out of the way.
  2. Make use of your study halls. Even though you might really want to avoid doing homework, you will be much happier when you get home and can relax.
  3. Sign up for clubs. All the clubs. Sure you will be bombarded with infinite emails, but the Upper School has an exorbitant number of insanely fun clubs that will enrich your high school experience (and serve you free food).
  4. Experiment with your courses. You never know what classes you may love (I went into freshmen year expecting to hate biology but now plan on taking it again senior year).
  5. Talk to your teachers. Going to tutorials early in the year allows you to not fall too far behind (especially recommended for math and science where new material builds on the previous work).
  6. Go to home football games (and dress to the theme). Even if you don’t understand football (I didn’t), home games are a fun way to show your school spirit.
  7. Become friends with upperclassmen. I promise that we don’t bite (most of the time), and we have solid advice on classes, clubs and basically most SJS knowledge.
  8. Try new ensembles. If you are wondering what to do during DaVinci periods, try out debate, Quadrangle, band, strings, choir or Review (shameless self-promotion, I know).
  9. Keep your backpack/locker/Google drive organized. When major projects hit this semester and finals happen next semester, you’ll thank me.
  10. Participate in grade-wide and school-wide activities. Although your schedule might be super crowded around Valentine’s Day,  you will look fondly back on freshmen events like the Heart Hop.