History Channel documents Hyperloop team

The team makes adjustments to their pod.

Franco Posa

The team makes adjustments to their pod.

Manar Ansari, Staff Writer

Team Hyperlift, a group of six St. John’s students aiming to create a new mode of transportation, will be featured on a new History Channel show “Project Impossible” in June.

The episode will focus on engineering challenges that the Hyperlift team confronts in planning out a system of high-speed transport for people and goods. Team Hyperlift is made up of juniors Elizabeth Awad, Michael He and Robert Gottschalk and seniors Katie Malcolm and Jonathan Bloom. Senior Andrew Awad leads the team.

The team is designing and building a pod for the Hyperloop competition, held by SpaceX and created by Elon Musk, which travels through a tube and levitates on a thin boundary of air. The group was the only high school team out of 30 teams advancing to the final stage of the competition, which will take place in January in Hawthorne, California. Team Hyperlift will have its testing weekend on Nov. 17-18 to demonstrate that all of their systems are fully operational.

The team was filmed for “Project Impossible” buying parts and making their pod in October and will be filmed again at their January competition.

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