Top 10 online stories of 2016-2017

Ryan Chang, Assistant Online Editor

These are the ten most-viewed articles of 2016-17. Check out some of this year’s highlights.

1. Wrestling Olympian joins coaching staff (1,845): Initially rejected by wrestling coaches, Alberto Rodriguez went on to compete in the 1996 Olympics. Last October, he became an assistant coach for our wrestling team.

Courtesy Photo
Pictured is Rodriguez with his club wrestling team in 2015, which includes many athletes from St. John’s.

2. “13 Reasons Why” peddles misconceptions to vulnerable audience (1,521): Besides presenting dangerous fallacies about suicide and mental illness, “13 Reasons Why” may negatively affect adolescents who are already at a high risk for suicide.

Creative Commons
Besides presenting dangerous fallacies about suicide and mental illness, “13 Reasons Why” may negatively affect adolescents who are already at a high risk of suicide.


3. Designer Preston Boyer (’13) channels turmoil into passion (1,410): Struggling with hardships, Preston Boyer Douglas (’13) turned to fashion as a creative outlet. Now, he designs his own luxury brand and maintains thousands of followers on his Youtube channel.

Brock Lawson
Preston Boyer makes an appearance at Fashion HTX for the debut of his second collection, “Falling.”

4. Illness sweeps through Upper School, sophomores hardest hit (1,355): 69 students on Wednesday, Feb. 1 and 82 students on Thursday, Feb. 2 were absent from school due to illness. 

Amy Liu
Upper School nurse Tesa Stark, right, helps out a sick student.

5. Banana Blender band legacy lives on (1,215): Hear some of the greatest hits from the Houston band Banana Blender Surprise. Three of the five members are St. John’s alumni.

Courtesy of Gerard Choucroun
Banana Blender Surprise stands in front of their Brown Chevy Suburban, nicknamed the Brown Chariot.

6. Quiz: Which football captain are you? (987): Get to know which football captain you could relate to. 

7. Young Political Organization speaks on the 2016 presidential election (942): In this audio Q&A, YPO board members talk about which candidates and policies they support in the presidential election.

Grace Sanders
Young Political Organization held a mock election on the Great Lawn during the Da Vinci period.

8. Nine injured at West U shooting (892): A shooter in the West U area opened fire on the morning of Monday, September 26. 

Review Staff
News station interviews witnesses.

9. Senior’s startup business addresses period stigma (889): Senior Jared Aiman’s business team, Periodically, aims to tackle period-shaming and change the conversation surrounding menstruation.

LEAD (courtesy photo)
Senior Jared Aiman’s (second from right) startup business won $7,500 and took first place at the LEADing for Life competition.

10. Class act: Math teacher Alice Fogler (880): Each new faculty member has their backstory. Get to know Alice Fogler (’10), who took differential equations with Dr. Raulston before returning to St. John’s as a math teacher.

Eric Hang
Alice Fogler (’10) earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and taught in Spring Branch ISD before returning to St. John’s.

Honorable Mentions:

Class Act: Spanish teacher Margarita Serrano (879): New Spanish teacher Margarita Serrano discovered her passion giving tours to student groups at the governor’s house in Puerto Rico.

Quiz: Which club(s) should you join? (732): Club Fair was from Sept. 7-8 during lunch. Take this quiz to see which clubs you can get started in!

Immigration ban contradicts American values (647): Trump’s recently suspended immigration ban has promoted scapegoating of minority groups while emboldening religious prejudice.