Pulitzer finalist Evan Mintz (’04) visits the Review

Jack Shea and Alex Tinkham

Former Review writer Evan Mintz (’04) was named a Pulitzer Prize Finalist for Editorial Writing on April 10. He came to talk to the Review staff on Wednesday, April 12.

Mintz was accustomed to writing about controversial issues during his time as a writer and a cartoonist on the Review. He pursued his interest in journalism by writing for the Thresher, the Rice student newspaper, and the student newspaper at Yeshiva University, where he attended law school. Mintz is now on the editorial board of the opinions section of the Houston Chronicle, where he started working full-time in 2012. He and another Chronicle writer, Joe Holley, earned the Pulitzer Finalist for their series of editorials on gun violence. Read a 2014 Review article covering Mintz’s career here.