Soccer heads into SPC after games against Kinkaid


Grace Sanders

Sophomore Camila Sabisky dribbles past the defense.

Lilah Gaber and Prithvi Krishnarao

Girls’ Varsity Soccer lost 5-2 to Kinkaid in the finals of South Zone after a winning streak where only one goal was conceded. Tied for points, the outcome of this head to head game decided the first seed for South Zone.

The Mavericks will advance into SPC as second seed, giving them a bye for the Thursday opening round games.

“We were disappointed because there was such a big rivalry, but now we’re more fueled for the next game,” senior captain Ellie Faraguna said.

Girls’ soccer head coach Susan Quill delivered her baby the day before the game, so assistant coach Kylie Cook took over as head.

”I played for Susan for four years and we’ve coached together for multiple years so we have the same style and mindset, and I think the team adjusted well to her absence,” Cook said.

Senior Katherine Smith scored the first goal of the game, followed by by freshman Laurel Williamson to secure the team’s 2-1 halftime lead. Kinkaid managed to come back from the deficit and scored four goals to win the game.

“Now we know our weakness is getting in our own heads, especially when we’re tired, and we’re working on that in practice,” Faraguna said.  

The girl’s fought until the end regardless. Williamson continued to play even after taking an elbow to the face that broke her front tooth in half.

“I pulled the shattered remnants of my tooth out and decided to keep playing the game,” Williamson said, “I was kind of laughing becuase I thought I looked ridiculous.”

Girls’ varsity soccer will play their first SPC game at 10 a.m. on Friday against Episcopal.


Gwendolyn Butler
Junior John Boom in the team’s game against St. Stephen’s.

Boys’ soccer tied 0-0 with Kinkaid Feb. 3 and earned second seed in SPC. 

“We had a lot of opportunities on offense and defended very well,” said Junior Ian Thakur. “We didn’t capitalize on our opportunities, which is why we didn’t score, but overall, the team played really well. We outplayed Kinkaid and we easily could have won.”

The team played this game differently than their previous games.

“We changed up our formation and put people in positions that they were unfamiliar with,” junior Ian Thakur said.

Boys’ soccer has a record of 12-3-2, compared to a record of 8-1-9 last year, when they won second overall in SPC.

“Hopefully the momentum coming into this game can help us on Friday so that we can get a win and be well set for SPC,” sophomore Vijay Patel said.

Boys’ soccer will play either St. Andrew’s School of Austin or Greenhill School of Dallas, depending on who will win a game between the two means.

“We just need to capitalize on our opportunities in SPC and I think that we can surprise people,” Thakur said.