Inauguration reactions range from celebration to mourning

Eli Maierson, Staff Writer

As video of Chief Justice John Roberts swearing in President Donald Trump streamed from channel ABC13 onto the screen in the Chao Assembly Room, student reactions covered all ends of the emotional spectrum.

Some wore miserable expressions on their face.

“I remember staying up late to watch the results of each state during the election and being really sad since the end of it,” sophomore Juliana Aviles said. “Still, I’m trying to stay optimistic. We’ll see what happens.”

Others laughed and smiled. It was a small demonstration of their victory.

“My parents and most of my family supports Trump. I admire that he wants our country to be powerful and stand up to the rest of the world,” sophomore Ethan Boniuk said. “I’m interested to see what he does and feel optimistic about the future. The media spent a lot of time criticizing Trump.”

Some sported “Make America Great Again” hats while others wore black to express their somber feelings about the day. The weather in Washington, D.C., looked cloudy and humid. Outside the Chao Room, the sun crept out after days of rain.

Such polarized dynamics could be seen on Friday, Jan. 20, during the inauguration viewing. From 10 a.m. to noon, the Chao Room was open to students and faculty with free periods and during DaVinci to witness the beginning of the 45th president’s term.

This was the third time since 2008 that the school agreed to show a screening of a presidential inauguration, according to Upper School Head Hollis Amley.

“This is a huge current event and an important opportunity for students to know and see what’s going on,” said junior Henry Philpott, a newly elected Young Conservatives Club officer.

Senior Emma Boehme said she is having a hard time coming to terms with the transition to a new administration.

“I feel as if this is a dream and it isn’t real,” Boehme said. “We can’t be having him as president.”

Sophomore Sara Lichtarge also feels distraught about the drastic transition, remarking that she will miss the Obama family and administration.

“They [the Obama family] have done so much for our country in the past eight years,” Lichtarge said. “I am terrified to see how much of their progress will be torn down by the new administration.”

YCC members publicized the inauguration screening via social media and email. The club remains optimistic about what Donald Trump can accomplish during his term.

“We were happy that he won the election, but now his presidency is actually a reality,” senior YCC President Samuel Samson-Williams said. “We feel confident that he’s going to do an incredible job leading our country.”