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Supporting: Hillary Clinton

If you’re not supporting Hillary but rather Donald Trump, who has been known to alienate vast parts of the country, to say really horrible things and to do really awful things to women, then there is something wrong with your moral compass.

What policies are you most concerned about?

Immigration, being welcoming to Syrian refugees, keeping big companies in check about what they put into the environment, keeping taxes for the wealthy and taking out loopholes to finance education.

How are the two candidates so polarizing?

Hillary Clinton redefined the role of First Lady. She was very active, and ever since then, the conservative base has disliked her for not staying in her place. She’s been this massive polarizing figure for doing things any man would be applauded for.

For Trump supporters, there is a massive disconnect between the lives they’re leading and Washington. They feel like nobody is listening to their issues, and Trump really resonates with them. There are people whose lives are still getting back on track from the economic crisis of 2008.

Supporting: Hillary Clinton. She’s had such a range of experience, from First Lady to Senator to Secretary of State. She has spent her whole life fighting for women and for families.

What are some policies you think are the most pressing?

We need to protect women and women’s reproductive health. To do that we have to uphold Roe v. Wade and continue funding Planned Parenthood. Women who have to make hard decisions about their reproductive health don’t make these choices overnight, a fact that Trump does not seem to realize. Government has no place regulating women’s bodies.

Our criminal justice system has to be reformed. We need to protect the police, but we also have to protect the people in this country, especially people of color. In the first debate, Trump kept repeating the phrase “law and order,” but he doesn’t seem to have an actual policy on how to end police brutality or violence against police.

Many people say that a liberal media bias totally influences millennials’ political views. Is this an overstatement?

Most editorial boards tend to be more liberal, and while I don’t deny that news outlets can have a political bias, that’s not reflected in the reporting of events. I don’t think that bias negates the factual information given by the publications.

Supporting: Hillary. I have always supported her since the beginning. I preferred her over Bernie Sanders because she had a much more outlined gun control policy.

Even if Hillary has done some things that aren’t correct, that’s no excuse to go with Trump, who is an advocate for Islamophobia, homophobia, racism, and sexism. Hillary has done quite a lot, and while people give her flack for not curing cancer or saving the world, people have to realize that she is not the sole lawmaking entity.

Many people argue that media and news outlets side heavily with Hillary. They seem not to report as negatively about her as they do about Trump.

People need to consider that the media is paid through views and how engaged people are with their publication. They are sensationalizing the election so that people are hooked. You get that all the time with Trump and his outrageous outbursts. Simply speaking, Hillary is just a more boring candidate.

What are your thoughts on Roe v. Wade?

I’ve heard talk about Roe v. Wade being overturned, which shouldn’t happen. You can be pro-life personally, but you can’t be pro-life politically because you would be subjecting the entire population, people of many different faith and backgrounds, to adhere to your beliefs. You may never ever get an abortion, but you can’t decide that for everyone else.

Supporting: Hillary Clinton

What is one factor that impacted your decision?

Several things Trump says are just not true. During the first presidential debate, he said he never supported the invasion of Iraq. A few seconds after, Hillary’s campaign retweeted a tweet from Trump saying the exact opposite. He consistently contradicts himself.

What are some policies Hillary has that you especially like? What do you think of Trump’s policies?

It’s hard to really know what Trump is specifically thinking, but Clinton’s proposals for protecting the environment and animal welfare are important to me. The most important issue by far, though, is the Supreme Court vacancy.  If Clinton wins, I expect her to nominate an experienced, left-leaning Justice.

Trump denying climate change would be extremely detrimental to our country, and the proposals that Trump has towards Mexico and immigrants would seriously strain our relations with those countries and cause more racial tensions.