60 seconds with prefect candidates

Compiled by Sadde Mohamed, Assistant Online Editor

Peyton Brown

Campaign slogan: Don’t be hatin’, vote for Peyton

vision for SJS: A tightly knit community where students learn to love and love to learn

Known for: Running

Homecoming theme: Jungle

State of Mind: The winking face emoji

Cam Cook

Campaign Slogan:  If you join my Cam-paign, we Cam do anything

Vision for SJS:  I envision SJS as a family where there is complete collaboration between students and the administration to make positive change for the entire community

Known for: Soft smile

Homecoming theme: Luau

State of Mind: Ready to be a senior

Camille Dawson

Campaign Slogan: You’ll go far if you vote for Farquaad

Vision for SJS: 20/20

Known for: Red shoes

Homecoming theme: Foam-coming!

State of Mind: Empire

Ellie Faraguna

Campaign Slogan: Faraguna for a fair and good prefect

Vision: A cohesive and positive attitude going into next year’s changes

Known for: Unpredictability, but in a good way, but also a bad way

Homecoming Theme: 21st Century Social Reforms

State of Mind: Get me through physics

Matthew Fastow

Campaign Slogan: [redacted]

Vision for SJS: Buy more land

Known for: Jeffrey Fastow

Homecoming theme: Field Day

State of Mind: Empire

Wheeler Gibson

Campaign Slogan: Wheeler 2016

Vision for SJS: 20/20

Known for: Sports mostly

Homecoming theme: 007

State of Mind: Empire

Katie Hasley

Campaign slogan: Has to change

Vision for SJS: Making  2016-2017 the best year yet

Known for: Throwing in Track

Homecoming theme: Superheroes  

State of mind: Ready for summer

JaDa Johnson

Campaign Slogan: Don’t be a hater, vote for JaDa!

Vision for SJS: Smooth transition

Known for: Witticism

Homecoming theme: Jungle

State of Mind: chips & guac

Sadde Mohamed

Campaign Slogan: A vote for Sadde is a vote for tomorrow

Vision for SJS: Super duper awesome community with more friends and less crying.

Known for: On my second day at St. John’s I cried because I walked too fast, and the wind got in my eyes.

Homecoming Theme: Fight Club

State of Mind: Stately

Emily Pedrick

Campaign Slogan: Pause, Reflect, then vote Pedrick for Prefect

Vision for SJS: Nap rooms with hammocks and fuzzy blankets

Known for: One time Taylor Swift commented on my Instagram post

Homecoming Theme: Superheroes

State of Mind: Empire

Samuel Samson

Campaign Slogan: Its Morning Again for SAC

Vision for SJS: That SAC is not an event planner and instead a voice for the students to enact things that they want to get done

Known for: YCC, Actually turning requests into results on SAC

Homecoming theme: Please, not another color/light theme

State of Mind: Building SAC ten feet higher

Jake Schick: No response given

Matthew Walsh

Campaign Slogan: Meme hard but dream harder

Vision for SJS: A destruction-free class of 2017

Known for: Singing but never sleeping

Homecoming theme: Down by the Bae (beachy)

State of Mind: Torchy’s queso