Under Review: Crumbl Cookies

The way the cookie CRUMBLs: A viral TikTok dessert trend


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Freshmen Dalia Sandberg and Emma Arnold share their thoughts on Crumbl Cookies.

Emma Arnold and Dalia Sandberg


Crumbl Cookies was founded in Utah in 2017. The company started to gain momentum, though, in Feb. 2021, when people began posting reviews of the weekly flavors on TikTok. Other than their extensive TikTok presence, Crumbl also makes a weekly “unboxing” show on YouTube that draws in 100,000+ viewers a week. In addition, they recently announced a second season of their podcast. Due to their innovative marketing, Crumbl is now officially the fastest growing cookie brand in America. As of Oct. 14, 2022, the company has 609 stores across the United States. 

Student Opinions

We asked 36 students from various grades to anonymously fill out a survey. The survey consisted of three questions. Here were the responses:

How much do people like Crumbl Cookies overall?

This question asked people to rate Crumbl Cookies out of 10. Responses varied, but the results show that people generally like the cookies. Around 70 percent of people rated between 6–8, with most people rating Crumbl a 6. Crumbl has attracted people because of their wide range of flavors, varying from the original chocolate-chip cookie to outlandish flavors like Cornbread Honey Cake, French Toast and even Everything Bagel.

Employees for Crumbl prepare cookies for their customers. (Emma Arnold)

Do people think the prices at Crumbl Cookies are reasonable?

Based on our survey, an overwhelming majority of people do not think Crumbl Cookie prices are reasonable (72%). For a 4 pack of cookies, Crumbl charges $10.48. This means that each cookie costs $2.62. 

Are these prices unreasonable? Costco sells a box of 24 cookies for $8.99. Each cookie costs about 35 cents. These cookies seem pretty cheap compared to the ones sold at Crumbl. However, since Crumbl has a wide variety of flavors that change each week, the manufacturing prices for the cookies are higher than the manufacturing prices for Costco cookies. 

Which Crumbl Cookie is their favorite?

There was a wide variety of answers to this open-ended question. Overall, most people said that chocolate-chip was their favorite; chocolate chip is the only flavor sold every week. Other answers include but are not limited to: Birthday Cake, Chilled Sugar, Cosmic Brownie, Apple Pie, Mom’s Recipe, Oreo and Rice Krispies. 

So, is it worth it? If someone is looking for cheap and basic cookies, Costco is probably the better choice. Crumbl cookies, however, are gourmet and perfect for a party. They can be ordered on the Crumbl app and on various food delivery services or picked up in the store. They can even be pre-ordered ahead of time. 

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