Caven Field undergoes reconstruction, gets new turf


Maddie Garrou

In October, Caven Field’s renovations were completed.

Maddie Garrou and Marin Pollock

In the spring of 2020, freshman lacrosse player Emma Arnold was heading to practice on Caven Field in her brand new cleats.

Earlier that day, it had rained, and due to Caven’s poor drainage system, muddy puddles suffocated the grass. Shortly after practice was over, she looked down to see that her brand new cleats were completely ruined.

Arnold was one of many athletes who struggled with drainage issues on Caven. Junior Owen Stout was bothered, too.

“The grass was always kind of sandy,” Stout said.

The school maintenance team knew they needed to do something.

Last fall, maintenance decided that grass-covered Caven Field should be converted into a turf field. David Cohn, boys’ lacrosse coach and Assistant Director of Athletics, said the renovation would benefit all teams that play on Caven. The renovations were completed in October.

“To have it turfed and not worry about feeling like we have to save the field for game day is really huge for both the lacrosse and soccer programs,” Cohn said.

The field conditions at Caven made it difficult for the soccer and lacrosse teams to play, and Houston’s climate didn’t make the situation any better.

The grass was always kind of sandy.

— Owen Stout

Cohn says that the School will save money in the long run because “from a maintenance perspective, turfing Caven field alleviates the job of having to line it, mow it and water it.”

Chief Financial Director Greg Swan said that converting Caven to a turf field was not a new construction project, but a repair on a field that was “literally broken.” Swan said that Caven’s drainage system made it difficult to play games without slipping in the mud puddles.

Swan said that the new turf on Caven is the same kind used on Randall Field, so both soccer and lacrosse teams should be able to play on it.

In total, the project cost over $2.2 million, approximately 20% coming from donors who wanted to see a turf field installed. The remainder of the cost was paid for out of the Repair and Replacement Fund, which takes care of important capital projects.

This new turfed field will ultimately benefit all players that use Caven Field and will make the teams better since fewer practices will be canceled due to inclement weather and players won’t have to worry about getting their new shoes muddy ever again.