English teacher Matthew Wells

Maddie Garrou and Marin Pollock

Ever since Matthew Wells was a student in high school, he wanted to teach English.

In 2008, Wells began teaching middle school in Georgia. Later, he moved to Houston with his wife who was offered a job at Rice University. His favorite part about teaching English is getting to know his students and seeing their ideas and personalities unfold on a page.

“I loved the stories that I read when I was in my English classrooms, and I always thought that I would love to teach them as well,” Wells said.

His interests beyond the classroom include watching movies, playing video games, going on walks and, of course, reading. His favorite movie is Little Shop of Horrors, a 1986 cult classic horror musical comedy.

Upper School English teacher Matthew Wells dresses up his high school’s mascot. (Courtesy of Matthew Wells)

If Wells was not a teacher, he says he would probably be a professional dog walker, although he does not have any dogs. He stands by the opinion that cheese is overrated, partially due to being lactose intolerant. Although Wells says he has little athletic ability, he considers himself “a sports person.” One of his idols is Alabama Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban.

Wells is from Rainsville, Alabama (population 5,505 in 2020) where he lived for his childhood. In high school, he was the mascot—Rowdy the Ram. Although his identity was kept a secret, he loved contributing to his school’s spirit.

“Although I wouldn’t do it again, I loved being the mascot for my high school,” Wells said.

So far, Wells has had a fantastic time teaching and loves the SJS community. He can’t wait to get to know more students and to try new foods in the cafeteria.