Girls’ Soccer

Natalie Boquist, Staff Writer

For her entire soccer career, Savi Augustine has played either defense or midfield. This year, as a senior, she switched to goalie. 

When sophomore goalie Hailey King had to miss some practices and games due to club field hockey, Augustine volunteered to learn the position, a big change from what she has been playing her entire life.  Augustine believes that her skills from other sports like lacrosse, where she plays goalie, has helped her transition into the new role. 

“It was really difficult learning a new position this late into the game,” Augustine said. “There’s that pressure of being the last line of defense before the goal. It’s really been a learning experience, but I wouldn’t change anything.”

After a one-loss season, the Mavs placed second in SPC with a 2-1 loss to Hockaday in the championship game. Sophomore Sarah Shelburne, juniors Arianna Doss and Carys Howell and senior Olivia Pieper were named All-SPC after the tournament concluded.

Shelburne was also one of 30 players selected by U.S. soccer scouts for the Youth National Team Regional Identification. She credits her teammates for the success they have had this season.

“Everyone has different skill sets,” Shelburne said.  “A lot of people do other sports, and those skills translate into soccer well. Our coach utilizes everyone’s technical skills really well.” 

The team began preseason training in October, preparing for a true season after COVID restricted the sport last year. 

“We hit the ground running,” Augustine said. “Coach Wierzba really wanted to see where she could put people, what team chemistry was there.”

Through activities like a father-daughter game and a trip to Top Golf, the team has bonded and strengthened their relationships. 

“Our team chemistry is the best we have had since I took over the program 3 years ago. Everyone works hard, and understands their role on the team,” Wierzba said.