Monsters of SJS

Emily Chen, Staff Writer

It’s almost Halloween, which means the things that go thump in the night must be stirring. Are you safe at home? Are you protected on the streets trick-or-treating, or handing out candy? How about at school? We’ve done some investigating and found a lot of monsters lurking around SJS.

1. The ghost of a student trapped in freshmen hallway
This poor kid used to be a student at St. John’s, just like you, until he or she made the mistake of attempting to pass through freshmen hallway during lunchtime . . .

2. 4th floor Mewbourne
Is it real? Much like the legendary Nessie and Bigfoot, this creature of the night has only been speculated about. But we know it’s there. We believe. Do you?

Ghost of fourth floor
(Ashwini Bandi)

3. College Apps
They’ve consumed many an unsuspecting senior in the past.

4. The Headless Horseman of literary analysis
We think the Headless Horseman that haunts the Quad is meant to be a metaphor for something. Or maybe it’s irony? Symbolism? We’re not really sure.

Headless horseman
(Ashwini Bandi)

5. Spirits of sleeping students
Freshmen couch? In the hallways? On the Quad? Chances are you’ve seen one of these spirits before, although you might have dismissed them as one of your classmates.

6. Freshman who walked on the Quad
The seniors got him. His remains might still be on the Quad, but we really have no way of knowing.

Remains of a freshman
(Ashwini Bandi)

7. Asps, herald of the aspocalypse.
They might look fuzzy and harmless, but they are devious creatures.

8. Frankenstein’s Monster- the animated dead
AKA: Sophomores who pulled all-nighters trying to finish their English papers.

Frankenstein's monster
(Ashwini Bandi)

9. Ghost of the old cafeteria
We can all feel it. Haunting us. Mocking us as we eat lunch, scattered all over the campus. It’s there in the gym as we wait in long lines for food in the same place we sweat. Lurking around the construction site, jealous of its replacement.

10. A lost freshman
Searching desperately for his or her next class, speed walking to try and make it before the bell announces rings, these creatures are quite common. There were many spotted around the campus a few months ago. Now they seem to be a lot rarer, but you still might catch a glimpse of one.