Students adjust to AP schedule changes, prepare for exams


Max Stith

Due to the pandemic, members of the College Board have adjusted the locations and timings of the AP exams.

Due to the pandemic, the College Board has adjusted the locations and timings of this year’s AP exams.

While some exams will be held at school, others will be held online. Usually, there is just one testing window for all AP exams worldwide, but this year, the timings have been adjusted.

When junior Madeline Ou learned that the AP Chinese exam was pushed back a week due to the pandemic, she grew anxious since the delay packs her already busy AP schedule. 

In preparation for her exam, Ou’s class has completed drills, such as simulating Chinese conversations, writing Chinese stories and listening to Chinese music. They have also taken practice AP exams. Ou, who takes five AP courses, is nervous for her exam despite the additional preparation time from the delay.

“Language exams are very different from other AP exams. They require a higher level of cultural immersion,” Ou said.

The AP Music Theory exam has been delayed to May 21. Freshman Jerry Zhang, who takes AP Music Theory, feels a sense of relief since the delay allows for more time to prepare.

“I’ve done a lot of progress checks and practice exams,” Zhang said. 

All AP exams are being offered online, except for the music and foreign language exams. According to Academic Support Coordinator Angela Anderson, many people are concerned about students taking AP exams at home without a physical proctor to ensure guidelines are followed

“The COVID restrictions on testing locations have made scheduling AP exams very difficult,” Anderson said. “There’s been a lot of work just to plan them.”