Fall One-Acts captivate audience


Courtesy of Quadrangle

Senior Ellie Roberts and sophomore Alex Osypov play psychiatric patients in a waiting room in “Please Have a Seat.”

Sukul Mittal, Staff Writer

Scenes from the Fall One-Acts varied from a baby’s life before delivery to a simple yet revealing talk between two psychiatric patients. These acts were followed by a scene set in Crazytown, a fictional place where kindness is illegal, and finally a canine spoof on noir plays.

The plays on Tuesday, September 30 consisted of four ten-minute scenes. Last year, SJS staged its first set of one-act plays during January. This year, the Fine Arts Department staged one set of one-acts this fall and will stage another this winter.

The levels of acting experience ranged from senior Ellie Roberts, who has been acting since fourth grade, to freshman Ella-Rose Arnold, who has acted for only one year.

“Auditioning for the high school plays was on my bucket list. I do classical Indian dance, which has a huge acting part to it, so people told me that I should audition,” Senior Meghna Dara said.

The acts were short and not interconnected. They  included elements of comedy, tragedy, irony, adventure and mystery.

“They don’t take as long, so there’s more time for homework,” said Devon Granberry, a freshman whose sister senior Robin Granberry participated in the plays.

The members of Johnnycake controlled everything by themselves, from set changes to working lights and the music.

“Never seen and never heard” is the motto of the technicians who work in the background.

For some Johnnycake members, tech was a better option than performing.

“I wanted to be a part of the theater, but I had stage fright and did not actually want to act,” Sophomore technician Emma Boehme said.