Sophomore accepted to summer songwriting workshop

Brown released her single Change My Mind in 2018.

Brown released her single “Change My Mind” in 2018.

Bailey Maierson, Staff Writer

When sophomore Natalie Brown received an email announcing her acceptance into the New York University Summer Songwriters Workshop, she was thrilled. Brown, one out of 42 high school students and postgraduate professionals to receive an acceptance, will stay at NYU for 10 days in June, learning hands-on techniques from instructors and attending detailed presentations to perfect her songwriting skills.

Brown first developed an interest in songwriting camps after attending one at the Berklee College of Music last summer in Boston.

“I was just looking into songwriting programs, and I have always wanted to live in New York,” Brown said. “I also really enjoyed NYU when I visited for a college tour, so I thought this would be a good fit.”

Brown mentioned that she is looking forward to connecting with Phil Galdston, a Grammy-nominated songwriter and the Head of the Songwriting Department at NYU, and meeting other collaborators who can aid her with her songwriting skills.

While working on her songs, Brown will have a songwriting assignment to complete each day. She will also undergo daily peer editing of her work-in-progress, as well as learn the tools used by some of the greatest artists today.

Brown will partake in SongShare at the end of the camp, where she will share the music she has been working on over the course of 10 days with professionals from industries including the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, Broadcast Music Inc. and the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers. New York session players will accompany her in the recording studio.

Brown wants to pursue a career in music in the future. Her extended play Under the Christmas Tree, which was published on Spotify this past December, and her Instagram music account with over 10,000 followers have jump-started her profession.

“I really hope to become a stronger songwriter, learn some new techniques, make new friends and meet new collaborators through this summer intensive,” Brown said. “I’m really excited to be in New York this summer while working on my passion.”