Rahul’s Restaurant Review: Verandah

Rahul Rupani, Staff Writer

As a self-classified “foodie,” I am always on the hunt for new and exciting places to eat in Houston. While I was driving up Kirby a few weeks ago, my eyes caught sight of a new and seemingly upscale Indian restaurant: Verandah. Always open to new restaurants from my motherland, I knew which restaurant my family would be going to next.

Verandah caters to those trying to find a balance between traditional spicy Indian food and classical American cuisine. There are many fusion options on the menu, as well as traditional Indian dishes.

Verandah’s decor is quite unconventional. The floors wear white marble, and walls of wine bottles line the restaurant, features typically not seen in other Indian eateries. Depending on where you are seated, you may even be able to see the chefs preparing your meal through a long glass panel.

To start, I was served Papadum, a traditional Indian appetizer similar to an American chip, and a mango lassi, rich with flavors in addition to traditional mango. While the Papadum possessed the strong and rich taste like it does in India, the delivery was quite original: rather than being served on the traditional thali, or a metal plate, it was brought out on a small cart.

Rahul Rupani
Papadum, a traditional Indian appetizer, was served in a small cart.

Sticking with my personal “Indian restaurant ritual,” I ordered my favorite dish: a plate of butter chicken with garlic naan, a traditional Indian bread. The dish deviated from the typical spicy flavor of butter chicken, instead heavy with cream.

Finally, for dessert, I ordered two traditional dishes: gulab jamun, a spongy and sweet ball like a donut hole, and ras malai, a Bengali dessert made of paneer chunks immersed in milk.

As someone who is served traditional Indian food on a regular basis, I always welcome a break from the norm and this meal was no different. It was refreshing to taste a milder version of what would normally be a fiery flavored dish.


Rahul Rupani
Bowls of butter chicken and garlic naan were served as the main dish.

Overall, though the service was slightly slow, I would highly recommend Verandah to anyone who has an affinity for Indian food. While you shouldn’t expect typical Indian cuisine, the fusion of flavors and different presentations make Verandah a unique and exquisite restaurant in the heart of Houston. Verandah’s concept of progressive Indian cuisine most definitely lived up to my standards and I believe that the chef’s have done an excellent job in bringing together the two cuisines.


Final Review: 7.5/10


3300 Kirby Dr #7A

Houston, TX 77098