Field Hockey

Bailey Maierson, Staff Writer

The field hockey team, comprising students from all grade levels, developed a strong chemistry with each other throughout the season. According to head coach Craig Chambers, this bond is one of many factors which lead the girls to their victory over Kinkaid in the final game of SPC.

“There was a lot of talent to begin with, but this doesn’t always make for a winning team,” Chambers said. “However, when you add chemistry in the mix, it makes for a better, more dynamic situation.”

Chambers, who was disappointed by last year’s fourth place finish at SPC, mentioned the different attitude the girls had going into this year’s season.

“[The team] knew that they were going to have do some things as a combined group,” he said. “The girls all went into the season trying to figure out how they were going to work together.”

Chambers added that a cohesive team and a sense of consistency is necessary to complete certain plays, and to overcome the challenges that typically come with SPC. He also said that there are waxes and wanes that occur during any season, but this year’s team was able to wax their way all the way to the championship: “From the get-go, [the girls] did an incredible job of setting aside individual aspirations and combining their efforts.”

Captain Natalie Stone enjoyed leading such a powerful team.

“[Being a captain] is definitely a lot more work than previous years,” Stone said. “It’s also a lot more rewarding though, because in the end, [the other captains and I] laid the foundation for our victory.”

When the Mavericks scored a goal in the first five minutes of the championship game, Stone had a sure feeling the Mavericks were going to win.

“Winning SPC was awesome,” she said. “This year everyone was so excited and happy to win because we all worked really hard for it.”

Filippo Castore
The team swarms the field after their victory over Kinkaid.

After the third goal was scored, junior Kate Ainbinder, who just wrapped up her second year on the team, was eager to storm the field because she knew the team was going to win.

“Having such a successful win as a junior and being rewarded for a great season makes it that much more important to have an equally great season next year and win SPC again,” she said.

For senior Amy Worscheh, the end of SPC was sentimental. Worscheh mentioned that she can’t help but smile when she thinks of finishing off her senior year at SJS with a huge win.

“There were tears, long hugs, and a rather exhausting rendition of the Alma Mater,” she said. “I don’t think I will ever be able to forget [the team] even if I tried.”