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“The Lost Husband” hits number one on Netflix

Katherine Center's novel

Cameron Ederle, Staff Writer

September 17, 2020

Three days after the movie “The Lost Husband” was added to Netflix, Katherine Center (‘90), the author of the original novel, woke to discover that the film had become number one on Netflix US charts. 

Katherine Center’s (’90) “The Lost Husband” adapted into film

Ella West, Copy Editor

April 10, 2020

Screenwriter Vicky Wight directed the movie adaptation of “The Lost Husband,” a novel written by Katherine Center ('90).

CineMaierson: Quarantine Edition

Junior Bailey Maierson and her brother Eli Maierson ('19) choose a movie to watch.

Bailey Maierson, Staff Writer

March 31, 2020

Junior Bailey Maierson reviews some of the movies her family has watched while in quarantine.

Defend Houston club attends Houston Texans’ movie screening

Members of Defend Houston, a club that aims to educate the SJS community about the United States’s faulty criminal justice system, attended the Texans' screening of

Chloe Zhao, Staff Writer

January 23, 2020

The Houston Texans Foundation arranged a screening of "Just Mercy," a movie starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx centered around racial bias.

CineMaierson: “Avengers: Endgame” Review

While watching

Eli Maierson, Senior Assignments Editor

April 30, 2019

In the next installment of "CineMaierson," Eli reviews the latest Avengers film "Endgame."

CineMaierson: “Tag” Review

Despite taking an unnecessarily dark turn in its second half,

Eli Maierson, Senior Assignments Editor

July 25, 2018

Eli Maierson reviews "Tag" in the next installment of "CineMaierson."

Anderson creates whimsical ‘Isle of Dogs’

Anderson creates whimsical 'Isle of Dogs'

Emily Chen and Eli Maierson

May 3, 2018

Wes Anderson's latest film, "Isle of Dogs," is a whimsical stop-motion genre-bending adventure.

Under Review: “It”

Camille McFarland and Tyler King, Staff Writers

October 29, 2017

My friends and I entered the theatre with little knowledge of Stephen King’s 1986 “It” and varying levels of horror tolerance. We didn’t expect much except a terrifying clown and jump scares, but director Andy Muschietti and writers Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman delivered an...

Under Review: Wonder Woman

Ryan Chang, Assistant Online Editor

June 8, 2017

Patty Jenkins' 'Wonder Woman' brings a welcome jolt of excitement and heart to the DC Cinematic Universe.

Under Review: “Get Out” brings social commentary as horror flick

Irene Vazquez, Editor-in-Chief

March 29, 2017

Jordan Peele's directorial debut "Get Out" is a multi-layered movie featuring social messages about race relations hidden within the horror-comedy plot.

Under Review: “La La Land”

Emily Chen, Online Editor

January 18, 2017

Movie musical "La La Land" transports audiences back in time with its jazzy soundtrack and Classic Hollywood glamour.

Under Review: “Cantinflas”

Marisa Murillo, Photographer

October 6, 2014

Acknowledging a diverse audience by alternating English and Spanish in speech and subtitles, “Cantinflas” tells the story of Mario Moreno, a comedian widely regarded as the Charlie Chaplin of Mexico.

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