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Going Green: Environmentalism and its role at St. John’s

Going Green: Environmentalism and its role at St. John's

Ryan Chang and Sophia Kontos

April 22, 2019

This special Earth Day package features video of students' environmental volunteer work and coverage of other environmentalism issues at St. John's.

‘No thank you Kanye, very uncool!’

Between his controversial statements about slavery and his support for President Donald Trump, Kanye West has had a turbulent, falsehood-ridden 2018.

Ryan Chang and Eli Maierson

November 14, 2018

With all of Kanye West's recent public antics, Online Editor-in-Chief Ryan Chang and Senior Assignments Editor Eli Maierson share their thoughts on informed free speech.

Midterm mayhem: The impact of politics at St. John’s

Midterm mayhem: The impact of politics at St. John's

Ryan Chang and Sophia Kontos

November 5, 2018

Between classes like Government and various political clubs, politics play an important role at St. John's. With the midterm elections approaching on Nov. 6, explore the ways politics impact the St. John's campus and student life.

Latinos Unidos organizes “a taste of Latin America”

Argentinean empanadas were just one of many dishes available at Sabor Latino.

Bailey Maierson, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

On Sept. 25, Latinos Unidos presented various Latin American dishes for students to sample.

Class of 2018 College Photo Spread

Designed by Ashwini Bandi

Ryan Chang, Online Editor-in-Chief

June 15, 2018

Check out where the Class of 2018 is heading for college in this interactive photo spread!

Mapped: Hurricane Harvey special issue

Mapped: Hurricane Harvey special issue

November 17, 2017

The Review's Hurricane Harvey special issue is mapped in this interactive infographic.

Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Houston

Floodwaters filled residential neighborhoods throughout the city.

September 8, 2017

Houstonians prepared extensively for Harvey, resulting in empty grocery store shelves and a shortage of bottled water. When the storm hit, many neighborhoods were affected by flooding due to the extreme rainfall.

Mapped: Class of 2017

Mapped: Class of 2017

May 26, 2017

See where the class of 2017 is going to college on this interactive map.

Quiz: Which iconic St. John’s cafeteria food are you?

Quiz: Which iconic St. John's cafeteria food are you?

Natasha Faruqui and Sophia Lima

April 12, 2017

Take this test to find out which tasty food item you would be!

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