Girls’ lacrosse adds three freshmen to varsity


Leila Pulaski

Freshman Caroline Pressler passes several Kinkaid defenders.

Noura Jabir, Copy Editor

The girls’ lacrosse program experienced a a transformation this year as the JV1 and JV2 teams were disestablished and replaced by a varsity team and a single JV team. In addition, three freshmen made varsity.

Sophomore Lindsay Gobillot, who played JV lacrosse last year, has mixed feelings towards the changes.

“I don’t love it because the people who were supposed to be on JV1 are going to get the most playing time and the people who were supposed to be on JV2 won’t get much time on the field,” Gobillot said. “In terms of practice and gaining experience, the old system was better.”

Still, Gobillot appreciates not being separated from her friends by JV1 and JV2 divisions.

“It is nice being with all my friends who would have been on a different team,” she said.

Freshmen Campbell Lee, Caroline Pressler and Lindsey Price, who all play for varsity, have been playing together since fourth grade. According to Pressler, the trio trains together frequently during offseason, which may have contributed to the coaches’ decision.

“I think the reason that they took more freshmen this year is because the three of us work well together and have been playing together so long, so we’ve developed a good chemistry,” Pressler said.

Leila Pulaski
Freshman Lindsey Price often practices outside of school with the other freshmen on the varsity team.

According to Lee, the coaches and players have made the team experience enjoyable. She also appreciates the bonding experience the team offers.

“I love having the chance to play lacrosse in such a fabulous program because all of the players and coaches are great,” Lee said. “So far, I have really enjoyed getting to know all of the upperclassmen better.”

Most returning players welcome the new members of the team.

“It is going to be a great season because the team has a lot of talent all over the field, and across grades,” junior Kristin Ankoma-Sey said.