Pod on the Quad: Road to Winter SPC

As basketball, soccer, swimming and wrestling seasons come to an end, coaches and players reflect on season highlights and challenges going into SPC. See game schedules and scores here.

In the next installment of the Review’s podcast, Pod on the Quad, I talk with senior swim team captains Mary Martha Maclay, Michael He and Paul Schwartz leading into SPC. Winter SPC, hosted in Houston, will be this Thursday, Feb. 15 through Saturday, Feb. 17. The captains talked about team rituals and their goals for the season. The team will compete in Conroe on Saturday, Feb. 17 with the girls’ team favored to win.

Captains: Morgan Sholeen (’18), Mary Martha Maclay (’18), Maggie Ballard (’19), Paul Schwartz (’18), Pierce Higgason (’18), Michael He (’18).

Pod on the Quad is the Review’s new podcast that will cover happenings around campus. Check back soon for future segments and a complete episode. We recorded this segment on Feb. 13, 2017.

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