Winter SPC Recap: Boys’ soccer takes sixth, emphasizes teamplay


John Faraguna

Captain William Wallace contributed to many of the team’s assists throughout the season.

Keval Shah and Hamzah Mir

The crowd roars and cheers for the Mavericks boys’ soccer as Coach Ziad barks orders to “Pass and Move,” the mantra of the boys’ soccer team, which defined the team as they competed throughout the season.

The Mavericks competed at SPC from March 14-16. The season produced many highlights for the Mavs, such as back-to-back 6-0 victories against the St. Andrew’s and St. Stephen’s of Austin.

“[Senior captain] Jack Trent was an essential breakout star in those games, and he led our team in goals,” captain Sam Faraguna said. “It was the first time since I’ve played for St. John’s that we’ve had such good goal-scorers.”

On Jan. 11, the Mavs also defeated the John Cooper Dragons for the first time in six or seven years, according to Faraguna, a win that he regards as the best moment of the season.

“The players gained confidence and self-worth as the team improved,” head coach Ziad Allen said.  

In SPC, the Mavericks placed sixth, only winning one game at the tournament against The Oakridge School Owls. Trent continued his scoring streak with two header goals and a penalty kick. The Mavericks secured a victory of 3-1.

The following day, the Mavs faced the Casady Cyclones and lost 2-0. The Mavs then lost to the Greenhill Hornets 3-1. 

Looking towards SPC next season, Ziad hopes to prioritize “committing to work hard, and to put in the time, sweat and tears.”

The bittersweet season was also the last at SJS for many of the players, including Wallace.

“It means a lot. I’ve always wanted to be able to play on Friday nights, and have worked to be able to do so since I was a freshman,” Wallace said. “Looking back, I am thankful I was awarded the opportunity to play and enjoy my time in the soccer program.”

In the eyes of the captains, the bonds between the players on and off the field were unbreakable, and it allowed them to function efficiently and effectively.

“This year really stood out because it was evident early on in the season that every member of the team loved the sport and each other,” Wallace said. “We treated each other as a family and that showed in many ways, on and off the field, and it’s hard to replicate that feeling.”