Things SJS students say at Super Bowl parties


Before the big game tomorrow, check out some of the nerdy things a SJS student might say at your Super Bowl party.

  1. “Did you know that Benjamin Franklin didn’t really promote the turkey to be the national bird instead of an eagle?” 
  2. “Did you know the word ‘patriot’ comes from the latin root noun ‘patria’, which means ‘fatherland’?”
  3. “For the cost of one 30-second Super Bowl ad ($6 million), you can buy the North Saddle Cay private island in Belize.” 
  4. “Every Super Bowl trophy is made by Tiffany & Co., and they’re valued at about $12,500. Each one takes approximately four months to make.”
  5. “The average American consumes 2,400 calories during the game. You could work off those calories by doing a 6.5 mile run for 2 hours and 45 minutes or you could cycle for 30 hours at 16 mph.”
  6. 1.35 billion chicken wings are eaten on the day of the Super Bowl. 29% of chickens consumed annually in America are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday. Fun Fact: The country with the highest chicken-to-human ratio is Bahrain (40 chickens per person).”
  7. “The longest play in Super Bowl history was a 108-yard punt return in Super Bowl XLVII, which is the equivalent of 59.8 Jose Altuves.”
  8. “Tom Brady will be the oldest quarterback to start at a Super Bowl, being 40 years old (or 14,795 days on the Super Bowl).”
  9. “Footballs were made of pig bladders until 1860.”
  10. “Oh, it’s half time. I have to go study for my test on Monday.”