Class Act: Math teacher Danny Kerns


Jordan Fullen

Math teacher Danny Kerns has gotten to know Houston by walking his dog and trying new restaurants.

Izzy Andrews and Mehak Batra

Algebra II Advanced and Pre-Calculus teacher Danny Kerns has a passion for travel. So far, he has visited 20 foreign countries, ranging from England to Hungary to Israel.

Kerns grew up in New Jersey before graduating from Wesleyan University in 2014. His educational experience differed from that of his parents: his mother attended Riders University in New Jersey, and his father did not attend college.

Kerns went straight from college to teaching at King’s Academy in Amman, Jordan. He taught AP Calculus and Algebra II while at King’s Academy. Beyond instructional duties, Kerns lived in the dorm with students, coached Varsity boys’ soccer and JV boys’ basketball and supervised students outside of class.

Kerns moved back to the United States in June of 2017. When he moved back to the United States, he sought a good school in an affordable, urban area, which led him to SJS.

“I enjoyed my time at Jordan a lot but it is not the easiest place to live. My Arabic is very bad,” Kerns said. “I was ready for life to be easier again.”

Math Department Chair Martha Childress could tell from his telephone interview that Kerns was a perfect fit.

“He just brings a great perspective,” Childress said. “It came through loud and clear that he cared about students and that he loves math.”

After just a few weeks, students have connected with Kerns.

“The best thing about Mr. Kerns’ class is how casual it is,” sophomore Eleanor Devetski said.  Everyone is very supportive of each other, even when we don’t quite understand a concept.”

Kerns’ math problems often feature his dog, Ayla, a special Jordanian breed called Canaan. One of Kerns’ favorite hobbies is taking Ayla to different dog parks around Houston. He also enjoys exploring the art scenes and “eating his way” through the city. He is fond of Thai, Japanese and Mexican cuisine, and his favorite restaurant so far is Rim Tanon, which serves modern Thai street food.

Danny Kerns
Kerns adopted Ayla during his time in Jordan and often writes math problems featuring her.

Kerns often rides to and from school and is the sponsor of the Investment Club.

As Kerns settles into his new job and city city, the transition has been smooth.

“I really like the sense of community,” Kerns said. “Besides the fact that the kids are pretty remarkable, I love the faculty here. They are really just fun, neat, outgoing individuals with interests and passions that you wouldn’t expect.”