Top 10 ways to amuse yourself during home football games

The Varsity cheer squad leads students in a cheer.


Home football games are a great time to hang out with classmates and show your school spirit. To football fans, home games are also an opportunity to enjoy watching a good game. For those of you who are less knowledgeable about football, here are ten ways to entertain yourself:

1. Sit by a person who doesn’t know the rules of football and feed them false information.

2. Go to the pep rally and cheer for the freshmen during the Victory Cheer so they can actually win something.

3. Pots and pans are overrated. Bring a didgeridoo and a glockenspiel.

4. Spike your friends’ chicken nuggets with hot sauce.

5. Work at concessions, but take all the orders in a Swedish chef voice.

6. Sit close to drum corps, but wear earplugs so you don’t go deaf.

7. Drink a Gatorade with Twizzler as a straw. Use a Sour straw for extra kick

8. Hang out with the lower schoolers. They don’t know what’s going on, but they sure are excited!

9. Go into the concession stand in the gym and pretend that you’ve just watched the most incredible game ever, because they can’t see anything that’s happening.

10. Show up at Whataburger after the game with a bunch of Salata takeout.