Bus carrying tennis team involved in I-45 accident, none injured


Preston Ray

A photo taken through the back window of the bus shows the accident on I-45. A nearby car hit the front left corner of the bus and another car, spinning out of control.

Brooke Kushwaha, Staff Writer

On the way back from a tennis match at Dobie, the bus carrying the girls’ and boys’ tennis team was involved in a multi-car accident on I-45.

A nearby car spun out of control, hitting the front left of the bus and another car.

“I was just talking on the bus when all of a sudden the driver slammed on the brakes. The next thing I feel is I’m sliding on the ground, and there’s smoke everywhere,” freshman Jared Aiman said.

Both cars spun out and hit the bus again, but caused no physical damage to the bus.

“Coach Gleaves walked out into the middle of the highway to get to the other car,” sophomore Kyle Zhu said. “He just jogged across, with cars going at 60 mph around him like it was no big deal.”

No one was hurt, but the two other cars involved were heavily damaged. The tennis teams spent most of their evening waiting by the side of the freeway and digesting the event.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” senior Daniel Jellins said.

The Houston Police Department arrived at the scene of the accident an hour after it occurred.

Police escorts accompanied the bus to a parking lot downtown, where players and coaches alike gave their written name and age to the police and filled out other paperwork.

The team drove back in the same bus, arriving on campus at 8:45 p.m.