How a lucky plantain boosted Morris’ (’17) athletic career


Nyla Jennings

Morris has had his lucky plantain since eighth grade.

Henry Still and Eli Desjardins

Good luck can come from many objects. Four leaf clovers, a rabbit’s foot, rainbows, and, in certain instances, a fruit.

Henry Morris, who recently graduated in the Class of 2017, has kept a plantain for the last five years for good fortune.

The Lucky Plantain emerged during Morris’ 8th grade lacrosse season when a teammate brought it to a game.

“We started to hold onto the same one after a win,” Morris said. “We actually ended up going undefeated in HJPC that year, and we have all the photos with the plantain after the championship.”

The Lucky Plantain’s effects began helping other St. John’s teams, including boys’ basketball.

“The last year that Justise Winslow was at St. John’s, we played Kinkaid and got killed in the regular season,” Morris said. “But I brought the lucky plantain during the SPC championship game and we ended up winning.”

After carrying the team to the championship, the plantain sat on Morris’ desk for a few years, where it ossified and became the blackened Lucky Plantain is now.

The Lucky Plantain reemerged from Morris’ closet after the lacrosse team stumbled to an 0-7 record to start the 2017 season.

“I found it again in my closet and thought I should use it for lacrosse,” Morris said. “After losing seven straight, I thought we needed a little something to boost the morale.”

After the plantain was reintroduced, the team won seven of its next eight games, averaging over 13 goals a game.

Junior Thomas Carpenter has noticed the magic the plantain brings to the team.

“I can’t explain why, but the shots that were bouncing off the pipe earlier in the season started to go in.”

Morris brought the lucky plantain to SPC for boys’ lacrosse this year, and, sure enough, it still had its effects.

Down one goal with 19 seconds left, junior Charles Sampson hit the game-tying shot against Houston Christian. Knotting the game at 6.13 seconds later, sophomore Ashton Anton scored the game-winning goal in a thrilling finish to earn 5th place.

As for the future of the Lucky Plantain, Morris is not certain whether he will carry his good luck charm to college.