Day in the life of a musical ensemble member


Jake Nyquist

This year’s musical, The Robber Bridegroom, follows a Robbin Hood style protagonist in eighteenth-century Mississippi.

Amy Kang and Lydia Liu

6:30 a.m.: Hit the snooze button.

6:35: Hit the snooze button again.

6:40: Hit the snooze button again.

7:00: Finally roll out of bed.

7:25: “See you in 14 hours, Mom and Dad!”

7:40: Observe that the guys are still wearing eyeliner.

7:45 a.m.-2:40 p.m.: Something happens, but we’re not sure what.

3:00: Make pre-performance Teahouse run.

4:45: Arrive in Lower School Cafeteria for “dunch” (or “linner”).

5:00: Amy helps Lydia put a rat in her hair (No, not this type of rat. This one)

5:05: Jam to Miley Cyrus’s “See You Again.” Realize that the Squawkers sound amazing while singing and slowly stop off-key humming.

5:27: Start curling Lydia’s hair.

5:36: Amy picks a favorite curl.

5:37: Amy chokes on hairspray.

5:43: “Yay!” Amy says as she picks a new favorite curl.

5:57: “Cast, you have 40 minutes until the meeting!” assistant director Janine Louie calls into the dressing room. “You don’t have to be fully ready by then…” *cue sigh of relief from girls* “…but be mostly ready.” Panic sets in.

6:02: Lydia’s hair is fully curled!

6:35: Entire cast and crew gather in the large dance studio.


7:45: Jam to Justin’s singing “Steal with Style.”

8:03: Lydia’s hair slowly turns from curly to wavy.

8:27: Choke on vapor from fog machine during “Deeper in the Woods.”

8:30: Intermission. The Movers perform an adorable skit.

9:05: Mouth the words to “Goodbye Salome” because dancing and singing at the same time is impossible.

9:30: DONE!

9:40: Extricate rat from hair. Realize that a particularly stubborn clip is actually an overly hair-sprayed bunch of hair.

9:50: Lydia’s hair is now straight.

10:05: Feel sorry for customers at Dessert Gallery who have to deal with sudden onslaught of theater kids.