Top Ten classic spring break activities everyone will love


Eric Hang

Since the beginning of March, Upper School students have been impatient for spring break to start.

Lilah Gaber and Kate Habich

1.Go to an amusement park.

Spring break is a great time to visit Kemah or the Rodeo carnival and ride the scariest rides. You promised yourself you wouldn’t chicken out this time!

2. Get college visits done.

This one might be kind of daunting, but you’ll be thankful you visited colleges now rather than later.

3. Binge watch Game of Thrones.

Have a relaxing #Staycation and curl up under a fuzzy blanket with a bowl of your favorite popcorn.

4. Plan a spa day with your pet.

You might have trouble stopping your dog from eating the cucumbers, though.

5. Pick up casual speed walking.

Now you won’t have to trail behind Grandma Betty on your morning walks. Plus, if you get good enough, one day you might make it into the Olympic race walking event!

6. Join a Nickelback cover band.

“Look at this photograph.”

7. Take a bath in mashed potatoes.

The nutrients in potatoes actually contain ions that diffuse through the membranes of your neurons and help conduct a healthy current throughout the body. *Studies show that this will actually raise your GPA by a whole letter grade.

8. Run off to join a obscure, bottom-tier circus where the animals are just humans in costume.

There’s only so much that can be done since the government decided that circuses are not a priority when it comes to the federal budget.

9. Get ahead on your AP exam studying.

This is kind of a weird one, but we couldn’t resist. Get ready to be an overachiever!

10. Shed your exoskeleton in time for the spring equinox.

Nothing says springtime like molting with a group of your 68 closest friends!


*May not be true at all