Senior Fun Day takes students back in time

Chuy Benitez and Amy Liu

Jumping giddily over trampolines and roller skating to 80’s music, seniors were taken on a blast from the past on Senior Fun Day. On March 6, the Monday before spring break, seniors visited nostalgic spots around school and Houston. Elisa Inman, Dean of Students, and Marty Thompson, Director of Experiential Education, organized the trip.

The day started off with the Senior Celebration Assembly. Faculty ended the performance with a group dance choreographed by seniors Caroline Johnson and Abigail Moorhead.


Afterwards, seniors roller skated at Lockwood Skating Palace.


They jumped over trampolines and raced through obstacle courses at Sky High Sports.

Amy Liu


Seniors returned to school for outdoor activities, including the human-sized “hamster wheels” under Big Red.

Amy Liu


They ended the day with a dance party and capture-the-flag on the Great Lawn.

Amy Liu

What was the best part of Senior Fun Day?


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