Spring Musical “Curtains” challenges performers, features show-within-a-show

From left: junior Katy Shafer, Sophie Clayton and Abigail Moorhead (both seniors) perform the number “In the Same Boat,” a song in the fictional show “Robbin’ Hood.”

Sophie Gillard, Staff Writer

The directors, cast, and crew of Johnnycake’s production Curtains had been hard at work since November to make the Spring Musical a unique experience for fans of the theater department.

This year was not the first time Johnnycake has produced Curtains. Director of Music Scott Bonasso helped direct Curtains in 2010 and was excited to see the musical onstage again this year.

“It is old school musical theater jazz and Bob Dylan. The musical writing is really good and fun to perform,” Bonasso said. “The show is hysterical. We were laughing the whole time.”

The rehearsal process was exciting for both Bonasso and choreographer Victoria Arizpe.  

Throughout the rehearsal process, Arizpe attempted to challenge her students while ensuring that they felt confident and looked their best onstage.

“I know what I have to work with, but I always like to challenge people,” Arizpe said. “We try our best to give people places where they can shine.”

Junior Katy Shafer was excited about landing her first lead role in a St. John’s musical and learning to ballroom dance, something she had never done before Curtains.

“The challenge for me is dancing in a Tough Act to Follow with Trip George because it is a lot of ballroom dancing,” Shafer said.

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