Day in the Life of a “Curtains” ensemble member

The ensemble and cast of

Caroline Ramirez

The ensemble and cast of “Curtains” appear for the curtain call.

Maggie Ballard and Sophia Kontos

Sophomore Sophia Kontos:

6:30 am: Wake up. I curl into a ball under my sheets to hide from getting up.

6:35 am: I resign myself to waking up and crawl out of bed into the bathroom.

6:40-7:00: I wipe at the makeup residue on my face, then, blast music during breakfast to avoid falling asleep.

7:15: I get to school less than nine hours after leaving the VST the night before.

7:20-8:15: I spend the Ensemble period trying to sleep on every possible surface: a bench, the floor, my history textbook.

8:30am-1:00pm: I travel aimlessly through my classes, while explaining my lack of alertness to my teachers and simultaneously promoting “Curtains.”

1:00-1:30: I savor the way too short lunch break.

1:30-2:30: I go to more classes that I nearly fall asleep in.

2:30-3:30: I take a much needed nap on the Great Lawn, while listening to Lower School students ask, “Why is she sleeping?” In my head, I mumble that I was at school until 10:30 last night, so I’m rightfully exhausted. In reality, I just go back to sleep.

3:45-4:25: I eat dinner in the VST lobby. I pick up a “backstage care package,” filled with cough drops, fuzzy socks, a bandana, tea bags and lots of candy.

4:30-4:50: We run the curtain call of the show. When I step onto the platform, I nearly fall off as it rolls away.

Caroline Ramirez
“Curtains” features a show within the show.

Sophomore Maggie Ballard:

5:00 PM: Get hair and makeup done with my algebra teacher (Ms. Fogler) and practically beg her to not make me take a test during tech week. She agreed.

5:05 PM: First costume!!

5:10 PM: Curl people’s hair as fast as I can before having to get my own hair done.

6:00 PM: Sprint down the steps in order to do scary mic checks on stage.

7:30 PM: Another costume change.

7:45 PM: Dang it I hit my leg on the platform!

8:00 PM: Aaand another costume change.

8:45 PM: Remind myself to cover my ears for the gunshot.

8:50 PM: Forget to cover ears for other gun shot.

9:10 PM: Watch sophomore Gray Watson and 20 other dancers sprinting around backstage to do their costume changes before they have to go on again.

9:45 PM: Almost fall off the platform in the last number and wonder why there are so many platforms in this show.

10:00 PM: Pull 20 bobby pins out of my hair.

10:15 PM: Lug my fifty pound bags outside and sing “In the Same Boat” all the way home.

10:30 PM: Inhale some fruit in an attempt to stay at least a little bit healthy during tech week.

12:00 AM: Finally fall asleep after doing very little homework but promising myself I’ll do it tomorrow during rehearsal (which I most definitely won’t be able to do).