Day in the Life of a “Curtains” ensemble member

The ensemble and cast of Curtains appear for the curtain call.

Caroline Ramirez

The ensemble and cast of “Curtains” appear for the curtain call.

Maggie Ballard and Sophia Kontos

Sophomore Sophia Kontos:

6:30 am: Wake up. I curl into a ball under my sheets to hide from getting up.

6:35 am: I resign myself to waking up and crawl out of bed into the bathroom.

6:40-7:00: I wipe at the makeup residue on my face, then, blast music during breakfast to avoid falling asleep.

7:15: I get to school less than nine hours after leaving the VST the night before.

7:20-8:15: I spend the Ensemble period trying to sleep on every possible surface: a bench, the floor, my history textbook.

8:30am-1:00pm: I travel aimlessly through my classes, while explaining my lack of alertness to my teachers and simultaneously promoting “Curtains.”

1:00-1:30: I savor the way too short lunch break.

1:30-2:30: I go to more classes that I nearly fall asleep in.

2:30-3:30: I take a much needed nap on the Great Lawn, while listening to Lower School students ask, “Why is she sleeping?” In my head, I mumble that I was at school until 10:30 last night, so I’m rightfully exhausted. In reality, I just go back to sleep.

3:45-4:25: I eat dinner in the VST lobby. I pick up a “backstage care package,” filled with cough drops, fuzzy socks, a bandana, tea bags and lots of candy.

4:30-4:50: We run the curtain call of the show. When I step onto the platform, I nearly fall off as it rolls away.

Caroline Ramirez
“Curtains” features a show within the show.

Sophomore Maggie Ballard:

5:00 PM: Get hair and makeup done with my algebra teacher (Ms. Fogler) and practically beg her to not make me take a test during tech week. She agreed.

5:05 PM: First costume!!

5:10 PM: Curl people’s hair as fast as I can before having to get my own hair done.

6:00 PM: Sprint down the steps in order to do scary mic checks on stage.

7:30 PM: Another costume change.

7:45 PM: Dang it I hit my leg on the platform!

8:00 PM: Aaand another costume change.

8:45 PM: Remind myself to cover my ears for the gunshot.

8:50 PM: Forget to cover ears for other gun shot.

9:10 PM: Watch sophomore Gray Watson and 20 other dancers sprinting around backstage to do their costume changes before they have to go on again.

9:45 PM: Almost fall off the platform in the last number and wonder why there are so many platforms in this show.

10:00 PM: Pull 20 bobby pins out of my hair.

10:15 PM: Lug my fifty pound bags outside and sing “In the Same Boat” all the way home.

10:30 PM: Inhale some fruit in an attempt to stay at least a little bit healthy during tech week.

12:00 AM: Finally fall asleep after doing very little homework but promising myself I’ll do it tomorrow during rehearsal (which I most definitely won’t be able to do).