ISAS Spotlight: Colegios Peterson

Irene Vazquez, Staff Writer

The language barrier did not stop Colegios Peterson, a school from Mexico City, from bringing its contingency of high school artists.

Aldo Santinelli, Sebastian Flores, Fabian Fritsch and Roberto Cuchi are just four of the 27 representatives of Colegios Peterson.

“We’re a small school compared to the other schools here,” Fristch said, “We only have about forty people per grade, so sending almost thirty people was a lot for us.”

The group flew in from Mexico City on Wednesday, April 2, and spent the day exploring the city.

“We did some shopping in the Galleria,” Fritsch said.

“It’s been a bit foggy, so the city’s been a bit mysterious,” Cuchi said. “But it’s definitely cleaner here than in Mexico City.”

Colegios Peterson will be putting on a Showcase of “Alice in Wonderland,” as well as a scene from “Happily Ever After,” a Mexican play, in the VST Lowe Theater, Friday April 4 at 6:00 p.m. Fritsch, Santinelli, Cuchi and Flores will also be performing tonight at 8:30 in the Coffeehouse.