Basketball plays rival Kinkaid before facing Episcopal School of Dallas

Eli Maierson and Andrew Duong


Caroline Ramirez
Sophomore Lena McZeal dribbles past a Village defender.



At their last counter game of the season, girls’ basketball lost to Kinkaid 68-23 at Liu Court Feb. 3. The team was missing sophomore starter Alexandra Lewis, and sophomore Gabriella Long could only play for a few minutes due to an injury from the prior week.

“We had trouble breaking their press,” senior captain Camila Chabayta said. “The Kinkaid team is also very tall, and it was our first time playing against such height.”

The team is also still adjusting to only having two upperclassmen, but the underclassmen are learning the ropes quickly.

“It was a big adjustment at first, “ Chabayta said. “But as a team, we are really close on and off the court, and it ended up working out very well.”

The team remains optimistic about their chances at SPC. They play their first SPC game against the Episcopal School of Dallas on Feb. 9 at 7 p.m.

Emily Ragauss
Senior Daniel Perrier, left, plays at the Emery Weiner game at Liu Court.

On their senior night, boys’ basketball lost a tight game against Kinkaid on Feb. 3 with a final score of 62-56.

Impact players included junior starter Cliff Guidry and junior bench player Sachin Jaggi.

Sports games against Kinkaid or Episcopal usually have extra hype surrounding them, and this game was no different.

“Kinkaid and Episcopal are about the same tier, you’re always excited for a game about them,” junior Christian Flowers said. “It brings up the hype, larger crowd, and it means you have to be on top of your game.”

Although this game was major to the fans, Coach Baber emphasized beforehand that it was just another SPC counter game.

“He let us know that it wasn’t for the tournament,” Flowers said. “Even though it was a big game for us, we still have to move on and go to better things.”

Boys’ basketball is currently playing against the Episcopal School of Dallas at Houston Christian High School at 6:30 p.m.