ISAS Spotlight: Mark “Scrap Daddy” Bradford

Irene Vazquez and Max Westmark

Though the monstrous metal creature may look out of place in its current spot next to the Lower School Playground, this massive sculpture is the work of the “Scrap Daddy,” Mark Bradford.

Bradford was a student at Lamar High School and has been making art cars for 25 years. His artwork is figurative and represents living things. The largest piece shown at ISAS took Bradford two months to complete.

“I’m changing things all the time,” Bradford said. “You can always make things better.”

Bradford demonstrated the kinetics of his pieces in a workshop at ISAS, April 3.

When building each piece, Bradford first draws the design, makes a model and then gathers metals and parts.

“I made one arm first, then I knew I wanted to do the muscles a certain way,” Bradford said.

All the pieces for his works are collected from Houston-area scrap yards.

“Some people frown upon my art, say it’s not fine art.”

Bradford’s art is currently on display in the Art Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi.

“It’s been a dream come true,” Bradford said.  “All artists want to be recognized.  I’m trying to build my way into being at the right place at the right time.”

Bradford’s work has been shown in other countries, including Costa Rica and Germany, and he has been featured on programs like the History Channel’s “Scrapyard Scavengers.”

“I build one, and it becomes part of a collection, like a circus.”

Bradford’s next workshop will be held Friday, April 4, at 4:00 p.m.