St. Mark’s melodica player surprises audience

Gabe Malek and Chris Zimmerman

During the St. Mark’s jazz band’s performance on Friday morning of ISAS, lead tenor saxophonist Nick Buckenham stunned the crowd with a surprise appearance on the melodica.

Buckenham was not able to play his saxophone because he broke two of his fingers falling during a five-mile run on Monday.

Wednesday was the first time Buckenham had played the melodica, but the transition was made easier by his previous musical experience.

“I’ve played piano for ten years, and that obviously helps a ton,” Buckenham said. “I’ve been playing saxophone solos on those songs for six months, so I already knew what I was going to do.”

The band did not have to change any of their pieces, which included “Martinique,” “Que” and “Honk.”