ISAS Spotlight: SJS Wind Ensemble

Michael VerMeulen, Staff Writer

The SJS Wind Ensemble electrified viewers with a half-hour concert of “Second Suite in F” by Gustav Holst and “The Music from Superman Returns” by John Williams and John Ottman.

Both of these pieces were chosen by Band Director Darrell Parrish.

“I have loved the Holst’s ‘Suite in F’ from the time I was in high school and college, and it is one of those pieces that I have always wanted to play with this band,” Parrish said. “I felt that this group was one that could really play it. Concerning the ‘Superman Returns’ piece, I have always loved John Williams’s music, and his Superman theme has always inspired me.”

The Wind Ensemble musicians also enjoyed the pieces.

“I really liked the ‘Suite in F’ because it was a classical work that was fast-paced,” sophomore trombonist Alex Hammerman said. “Also, I appreciated the ‘Superman Returns’ because of some good parts for the brass section and some interesting minor chords.”

Now composed of 48 members, the Wind Ensemble has grown by over 25 members since a decade ago.

“I think that this band performed outstandingly,” Parrish said. “Compared to what the band was about 10 years ago, this band has improved leaps and bounds.”