60 seconds with junior SAC candidates

Compiled by Sadde Mohamed, Assistant Online Editor

Katie Hasley

Campaign slogan: Looking for the key to success

Vision for SJS: Bring back junior country

Known for: Height struggles

How to fix Field Day: Why bother

State of Mind: Just gotta survive second semester

Julian Peavy

Campaign Slogan: We ain’t scared

Vision for SJS: Smiles everywhere

Known for: Hairline

How to fix Field Day: Don’t make it mandatory. If you don’t enjoy sports, there is a lot more to life than sports. Allow those who truly love field day to frolic all they want.

State of Mind: It’s Friday (^_^)

Emily Pedrick

Campaign slogan: Get ahead with e-ped 

Vision for SJS: concept: Go to school and then get home and relax

Known for: One time Taylor Swift commented on my Instagram

How to fix field day: Don’t have field day

State of mind: Empire

Samuel Samson-Williams

Campaign slogan: Make SAC Great Again

Vision for SJS: A place where SAC actually can make a substantive difference, placing the student’s priorities above personal agenda; you can tell from all that we have accomplished (ex. Toy Box, building and remodeling) that our class is not only effective, but also respected. We do great things, so we can make SJS even better.

Known for: Barack Obama Voice,  JV2 Basketball Legend, Savage Conservative, YCC Founder

How to fix Field Day:  Listen to the students and make substantive change

State of Mind: Build a Wall

Jake Schick

Campaign slogan: Prove people wrong…unless they think you’re awesome

Vision for SJS: 20/20

Known for: Tying my shoes

Change to field day: Add scuba diving

State of mind: Texas

Irene Vazquez

Campaign slogan: Live free or die

Vision for SJS: 20-20

Known for: Lipstick

How to fix Field Day: Start spring break earlier

State of Mind: I am not throwing away my shot

Matthew Walsh

Campaign slogan: I’ll “squash” school issues

Vision for SJS: A cohesive and supportive community freshman through seniors.

Known for: Living in the VST and gloriously defeating my opponents for middle school historian.

How to fix Field Day: We should poll the student body for game suggestions beforehand and provide more food options

State of Mind: Maintaining an aura of calm while internally screaming about junior year